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Who We Are

Phoenix United is a fast-growing leader in telecommunications services and green energy solutions. We provide comprehensive support for telecom companies in the United States and beyond, helping them achieve their infrastructure, maintenance, troubleshooting, technology and expansion needs while assuring them of top quality service as only we can deliver. Moreover, we provide planning, engineering and strategic support to ensure their success and growth.


We are a dynamic company with a passion for innovation and work quality. We understand the needs of the industry, and that ultimately, telecom needs to deliver top caliber results to the end-user. We help provide and support the expansion of new technologies such as 5G, while continuously working to scale the foundations of the industry to keep our network connections robust. This includes actively expanding the country’s small cell, DAS, and microwave infrastructure to reach more people.


Soon, we will be rolling out our green energy solutions full scale. We believe that green energy compliments telecommunications technology, providing new avenues for powering remote towers in off-grid areas, or supplementing existing power supply and providing necessary backups. As a green energy company specializing in renewable energy such as solar, we also aim to serve industrial, manufacturing, residential and consumer markets to further bring the benefits of sustainable sources to society.


A people-centric company, our unique state-of-the-art training program combines the best of dynamic innovation with proven expertise and standards in the industry to bring in more people to telecom services. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, we bring in top talent from all over the world to fuel our thriving organization’s growth. 


A continuously evolving company, we wish to transform the world through our culture of passion, excellence and innovation. 

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