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Our Services

Phoenix United is a leading telecommunications turnkey provider in the United States that has established itself as a reliable and high-quality service provider. The company's mission is to connect people around the world, increase security and productivity through the implementation of new communication technologies, which is why choosing Phoenix United for both wireless and wireline services is a smart choice. One of the key reasons why customers should choose Phoenix United is the company's commitment to providing sustainable infrastructure and fast connectivity. 



Phoenix United expertise and experience in the telecommunications industry are making a significant impact on the wireless industry. By providing services such as: Antenna&Line work, Small Cell equipment installation, DAS System installation, Microwave Antenna installation, Cell Tower structural upgrades, Site Acquisition, Troubleshooting, Project Management, Construction Management, and Logistics, Phoenix United is contributing to the growth and development of the wireless industry.

As a leading telecommunications turnkey provider, Phoenix United is committed to providing high-quality services and sustainable infrastructure, which is essential in meeting the growing demand for fast and reliable connectivity. By leveraging our expertise, Phoenix United is not only providing top-tier services to US companies but also taking their services globally, which will serve to benefit other industries around the world.

Phoenix United focus on providing efficient project and construction management services is particularly crucial in ensuring that wireless infrastructure projects are completed on time per customer requirements. 

Phoenix United is commitment to providing top-notch logistic service and ensuring that equipment and materials are delivered to sites on time and in great condition. 



Phoenix United presence in the wireline industry is significant, as we provide a range of services that are essential to the development and deployment of communication infrastructure. With our expertise in FTTX deployment, OSP cabling (underground and aerial), copper/coax cable systems, joint trench systems, MDU installation, splicing and testing, systems integration and logistic, Phoenix United is well-equipped to handle any wireline project, regardless of its complexity or size. FTTX deployment is a critical service in the wireline industry, and Phoenix United expertise in this area ensures that businesses across the USA have access to high-speed internet, TV, and phone services. Our OSP cabling services, including underground and aerial cabling, are also essential for the installation and maintenance of communication infrastructure. Additionally, our copper/coax cable systems, joint trench systems, MDU installation, and splicing and testing services provide businesses with the necessary infrastructure to support their communication needs. Phoenix United systems integration services are also critical, as we ensure that all of the various components of a telecommunications system work together seamlessly. The company's logistic services ensure that wireline projects are completed efficiently and with minimal disruption.

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